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The Promise of a New Year

2021. Whew. We made it to see 2021 usher in a new year of hope, promises, and opportunities. But isn’t that what we say every year? Didn’t we say that same thing a year ago? What did 2020 teach us, mean to us and for our children?

2020 marked the beginning of Indie Living’s ability to function as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit through the fiscal sponsorship of Good Counsel Service, Inc. Now that we could operate as a nonprofit, we went about planning our official launch. We created a new business model, changed our logo and began introducing Indie Living to the public. Of course, nothing in 2020 went even slightly as planned.

The world seemed to be the living embodiment of the British Airways commercial from the 80’s (maybe 90’s?), where a lone person stands in a deserted city and yells, “Where is everyone?!?!”.

Even though we can all agree that 2020 has been a dumpster fire, we also stood on this very day, one year ago, and imagined what the year would bring.

This year, let’s not wait to see what the year brings us; let’s see what WE can CREATE this year. If we focus on creating and building, we can help shape the way the year plays out.

So this year, we’ll be focusing on #create #shapetheyear to foster the idea creating our own destinies to the maximum degree possible. Each month, there’ll be a little twist on each hashtag, but the core message will always be the same.

Indie Living is going to create communities that provide housing opportunities for our adult children on the Autism spectrum. A place where they can be independent in a social environment. We’re only able to do it with your help, support and spreading the word. I’m challenging you to tweet out something that you have or want to #create and/or a way you can #shapetheyear

Best wishes and many heartfelt thanks to everyone. May 2021 be a year of health, happiness and love.

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01 Oca 2021

Happy Nee Year!

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