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FAQ- Indie Living; Innovations in Housing for Adults with Autism

1. What makes Indie Living different?

Indie Living is a brand new concept in Autism housing for adults.  Rather than having to choose between the supportive community environment of a group home and the independence of supportive apartments, we combine these factors to offer a unique living experience.


2.    Are there apartments available now?
Currently, we are raising funds to purchase and renovate a building so that we can start helping our children reach their social and independent living goals.

3.    How do I lease an apartment with Indie Living?
Every applicant will go through a screening process to ensure that we are a good match for each other. We will be offering tours to prospective tenants and their families.  

4.   Will I have my own apartment?
For single tenants, we will match you with compatible roommates.  Each roommate will have their own keyless entry bedroom and share the common area of the apartment.

5.    What kind of security will you have?
We will have a centralized security system for the building, as well as video doorbells for individual apartments.  We will have keyless entry- all tenants will have fingerprint access to the building, their respective apartment, bedroom and community areas. There will also be 24 hour security on-site.

6.    What kind of community events will you have?
In addition to Sunday bagels and coffee, we will have monthly, themed activities.  Each month will have a theme related, on-site function.  Other off-site trips will be planned based on tenant interest.  We are also looking to form partnerships with different service organizations such as laundry, food prep/delivery, cleaning, etc., so that our tenants have a variety of options to smooth their transition into independence.

7.   What does the Community Manager do?
The Community Manager is on-site and is available to tenants and their families to encourage involvement in activities, provide linkage to outside support services and problem solving.

8.   Can I have a pet?
Service and certified therapy animals are always welcome at Indie Living.

9.    Is smoking allowed?
There is no smoking permitted in community areas.

10.    How much privacy will I have?
Your apartment is just that- YOUR apartment.  Unless there is an emergency, no one will ever enter your apartment without your permission.

11. Can married or committed couples rent an apartment?
Of course! Couples are welcome, regardless of marital status, race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation .
Still have questions?
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